My Priorities

Smart, Controlled Growth

  • ​Our growth rate should be slow
  • ​Infrastructure needs to absorb the growth before we have another development on the table
  • ​Work with developers so that affordable housing and senior living are included in their plans

 Community outreach

  • Hold round-table discussions
  • Solicit more input from our residents
  • Nurture an environment for all to feel welcomed to share their input


  • Talk to neighbors early in the stages of a potential new development
  • Improve on our current resources to communicate with residents. (website, social media, public broadcasting)

Support Local Business

  • Our unique small businesses add a wonderful feature to our town and we should support them by having more events in various areas of the town
  • Work with current owners that manage our shopping areas so that we can find a solution to maintaining business interest in their sites

Safety for
cars, bikes and pedestrians

  • ​Build a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Hwy 101
  • Better paths - lights and /or color
  • ​Improve lighting
  • ​Educate all residents on how to safely maneuver through town

​Beautiful Oak tree at the Mattie Washburn School